Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Home...New Beginnings...

I am CRAZY about my new apartment! As many of you know, I am in the process of moving to a new part of Long Beach and into a new apartment. It is a one bedroom located in the historical district in LB and an area bustling with activity and energy! It is two blocks from the boardwalk on Ocean Blvd. and I am excited to enjoy walks and jogs along the boardwalk. I realize that God has blessed me abundantly in finding this place and gee! I cannot stop pinching myself! :) I feel as though it will be a nurturing place to continue growing into the woman God is calling me to be. I look forward to opening my new home to friends and family alike and sharing memories of fun, laughter, and depth. I am learning that God brings newness into our lives in many ways to continue to bless us and continue to enrich our lives as well...change is always inevitable...change leaves us challenged and expectant of well...newness. Newness brings with it an element of HOPE...and it is with true hope that I move forward in my life and with my belongings into my new home. It's like unwrapping a beautiful gift...what will I find inside! I can't wait to explore what's ahead...

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see..."
Hebrews 11:1

Thanks, friends and fam, for your support in this move!
I have about two more weeks 'til school begins...lots to be done, yes, and lots to enjoy!
Take care, Ciao!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Sentiments...

Summer has officially begun. Dad and I kicked off our summer with a terrific trip to Texas! We spent precious moments with family and well, ate our way through the trip!! :) Always good food had in Texas! Dad's favorite meal was at Babe's, where we enjoyed endless fried chicken. Most importantly, we were able to spend great time with Honey! Honey was in good spirits! I love my grandmother so was wonderful to share conversation with her and be by her side...I love you, Honey!! I would like to extend a thank you to all of my family in Texas for their hospitality and gracious nature in providing for such a memorable and blessed visit for my dad and myself. MUCH appreciated...and needed!

Being in Texas, I am surrounded by all that reminds me of my was her favorite, it was her love, it was her home. Lately, I am simply missing so many of the little things that I shared with my mom....things like always having a listening ear, a Starbuck's buddy, our daily talks after the school day, shopping together at Nordy's and having a distinctly, reliable, second opinion in the dressing room :) Sunday brunch at Polly's and splurging on massages...and of course, her abundantly, nurturing hugs! I am thankful for my mom's loving spirit and the many ways she taught me to love, give, and experience all that is around me. Again, I would like to extend gratitude to my mother for putting love and receiving...

I know that I will always miss my mom, this is all still I journey through this summer, I would like to prayerfully venture on the road of beginning to heal in meaningful ways. I am committing to staying patient with myself but I feel joy in embracing God's healing power.

My dad and I are headed to Kuai in the morning! So, I will update you all on our adventures upon our return! Aloha! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mom...You are Deeply Missed...

Last Thursday, my mom was honored and remembered in a profound way. Our family was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and the presence of those celebrating her life. In light of the pain we are experiencing, the memorial Thursday brought joy to our hearts to see our mom, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, grandma, sister, sister-in-law, and friend in so many eloquent and touching ways was deeply evident that my mother had touched many our family greeted those attending the memorial, I had the pleasure of welcoming two of her current students and I couldn't help but think that these were just two of those that may be attending and two of the many that Mom had left a lasting impression with...for Mom truly taught from her heart...she loved her students dearly and not only wanted the best for them but challenged them to give and do their best, as well. She loved opening that door to Room 307 and welcoming her students in... :) Teaching was her joy!

Our preacher did a superb job sharing about Mom and capturing essentially her life story. It was one of the greatest gifts that he could have given to allow those attending to even grow to know Mom more. Dad, Brent and myself all spoke too. Below, I would like to post the words I shared at my mother's memorial...these are my words for Mom, inspired by God.

My Words to Mom...

My mom was in every way beautiful...She lived with grace, poise, and elegance but most of all, in a word, my dear mom was deeply selfless. She embodied the heart of Christ and gave her endless energies to care, help, serve, love, and give to all she knew. As her fellow English teacher, I reflect in countless ways that she was, and always will be MY ultimate teacher and example; for she truly showed me how to live a beautiful life. I know and thank God for the truth that Mom is at peace in Heaven with my Grandad and many loved she always called me her "angel"...I know intimately that she will always be my "angel."

I love you, Mom!!!

Philippians 2:1-4

My mom is deeply missed and always will be...but she will be with me in all I do and wherever I may go...for her legacy lives on in me...

much love, jill
P.S. Thank you ALL for treasuring my mom alongside me...

Friday, January 8, 2010


Brent's yummy homemade pumpkin pie! :)
This year, we spent Thanksgiving in Texas! It was great to have all the family together! It was Asher's first trip to Texas...also, he met his great grandmother, Honey, for the first time! I was blessed to stay with Ashley at her wonderful new apartment and have great-girl time with her! There was lots of yummy food shared, laughter heard, pictures taken, and games won-
GO FROGS! What a blessed holiday it was! :)
I am SO thankful for these three women!

Frisbee golf spectating...thankfully (for my feet!) it wasn't quite as cold this year!

Honey with her granddaughters...always special being together!

Asher loves Ashley! :)

Four generations!
Honey, Mom, Brent, and Asher!

Honey met her great grandson, Asher! She was overjoyed to hold him in her arms!

The Grandkids and Honey!
It was a Thanksgiving full of laughter indeed. Get our gang together and man, do we laugh!!!

Me and my favorite Frog-fan!!
So much fun to be at my FIRST TCU game together watching those Frogs beat New Mexico! What a season Frogs! Awesome! Man I was feelin' the purple love in that stadium! :)

Ashley, Adam, and Dani
Sporting some purple and smiling together.
I enjoyed seeing my dear friend, Shawna, and her little girl, Noelle! Noelle was too cute in her little TCU cheeleader outfit! She roots for those Frogs and loves to give everybody a high-five! :)

The Martins!
It was so great to see the Martins during my visit to Texas. They are doing great in Fort Worth and loving life with their little one! I love them so much!

It was a terrific-Texas-Thanksgiving indeed!!!
Hope to be back in the Lonestar State soon! :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

BJ's Birthday Dinner!!!

~Courtney, Krista, Jill, and Jamie-Dee~
Three of my favorite ladies! I was so thankful to have them at my birthday dinner!

My brother, Brent, always makes me feel so special...

It was such a blessing to have Chrissy there too! Love that girl! :)

Cute pic of Krista and Jamie-Dee

Courtney and Nick joined in on the fun...I was so thankful to have them there...they're a special couple to me indeed!

I want to thank everyone for making my birthday dinner so memorable!
Love to all!

29th Birthday Celebration at Disneyland!!

Lauren and I enjoyed a great day at Disneyland! Glad to spend the day with one of my favorite people! It was a blessed way to spend my B-Day!

I got into the park totally for free! It was a great deal! I also purchased a Disney pass! So, if anybody has a pass too...let me know...I would love to join ya!

Lauren and me in front of the Fantasyland Castle!

Overall, it was a great birthday this year! I am going to love the last year of my 20's! :)

My 29th birthday celebration was a terrific week full of family, friends, good food, gifts, and good times. I enjoyed a morning massage and 2nd Street lunch with my mom, a yummy meal at BJ's pizza with family and friends, and a fun-filled-free-admission day to Disneyland!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brownies & Birthdays!!

I love baking brownies!! I shared this love with my Drill Team brownies were a hit :) and one of my girls made a curious comment, which frames this blog...she said, "Now, you can get married!" This sparked my thinking that maybe there's a master list that exists that all young women need to complete to reach the pinnacle of being a candidate for marriage...truly...I want to know...what is on this list? I suppose the good news is, I have one thing crossed off-BROWNIES :) Now of course, this is all said in tongue and cheek ;) but all those in my life know that it is a matter close at heart...My 29th birthday was fabulous! I really want to thank all of my friends and family for making my 29th bday so special. Thanks for such nice gifts, cards, calls, facebook messages, etc...I went to Disneyland for my actual birthday and yes-got in totally FREE! I invested in an annual pass so if anyone wants to hang out at Disneyland, let me know! :) The holiday decor is in full swing! There is nothing like a magical walk up Main Street with all the lights, smells and people starting to line the streets waiting for the parade. :) Love it!

29! A new year! New experiences!